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About the team

Hands, eyes, colours and fun that is what we are all about. Whether you are learning as a baby how to do puzzles, or older and learning how to read, do maths, crafts or create we have it all!!!

We have been in the education game for over 20 years and we make sure learning is all about having fun and growing.

Many of our products are unique to our store. Our wonderful range of Pebeo products are from France. The Jet and Rite Lite products are from America and many of our craft products we have put together for your pleasure.

The Smart Crafts team consists of Roslyn & Tammy. We all have a vast knowledge in our products so if you need further assistance or you wish to order a special personalized item or place bulk orders please feel free to contact us.

Welcome to the Smart Crafts family.


A wife and mother of three, Roslyn got into the education and the craft business when her children were very young so she could play and create wonderful things with them. This evolved into a business spanning over 20 years and many delightful children passing through her doors.

Tammy is new to the team and has now joined forces to move forward into the world of online shopping. Over the years she has played a role in the shop and is knowledgeable on the games and crafts. She is a Journalist with experience in photography, marketing and media.

Between the two of them they all look forward to the next venture of online shopping.


We offer various options for your product deliveries.


Just phone: 082 805 0960


Just phone: 082 805 0960